Spontaneity. In the hunt for the perfect ingredient we realize we’re in a race against time. What’s the perfect ingredient today might not be tomorrow and that is why our kitchen is constantly changing on a daily basis.

Wonderfully addictive, cultural, and artistic -sushi remains a mystery to the uninitiated. Why would anyone want to pay so much for a few tidbits of raw fish? Unlike the supermarket sushi slopped out by chains in the West, a true sushi experience is unforgettable and difficult to recreate.

Booking a table

Booking is easy. To make reservation,
please call us at +90 242 248 8424 between 9am-8pm, Tuesday to Friday.

There are always 20% of walk-ins ready places. We do not book sofa bar area.

Private dining & events

There are four private spaces available for lunch, dinner or indeed at any other time like receptions, presentations or brainstorms. In addition the restaurant is available for  private hire as are all the other spaces.